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 This is the amazing life story of Notch and His sons. From trials and tribulations, Notch overcomes challenges and rises back up to become King. He loses his brother in a fight and facing overwhelming odds of three to one, he decides to save his sons and live to fight another day. People think Notch is dead for two years until her returns, having raised his five sons alone from cubs to now powerful males, now he has his army . He returns back home and this time his sights are not just for one pride but all, he conquers 12 prides out of the 22 in the masai mara, he gathers millions of followers all over the world and he stars in movie as well. Researchers call him the most impressive lion  they have seen.

                     This is the Life research of Notch and His sons

                                   by Sam. T. Thuo.

The Birth Of Notch year 2000
Not much is known of the birth and origin of Notch and Blond but is said that he must have come from the Ridge Pride in the Masai Mara. Notch and Blond share quite a remarkable appearance with the resident male of the Ridge pride at that time known as Ndume. The ridge pride in itself has a reputation of being a fierce and tenacious pride a trait well seen in Notch and Blonde.

                                  Pic 01 – Ndume

Notch and Blonde Conquer the Marsh Pride 2004
The Marsh Pride is the most successful pride in the masai mara, having over 20 lions in total, it is in itself a super pride. From the year 2003, the marsh pride was lead by two male Lions known as Simba and Scar. In 2004, scar wanders off alone and he is attacked by two young unknown lions and is killed. Simba is left alone to defend the Marsh pride. Simba was a fierce fighter and had protected the pride from other male lions even outnumbered 3 to 1. Six months after Scar was killed the two young male Lions challenged Simba, one had a blonde mane and the other had a noticeable notched nose. The two brothers were fiercer and stronger than simba and defeated him easily after a brief fight, Simba was forced to run and save his skin. He was never to be seen again. The two Lions were named Notch and Blonde by  BBC’s Big cat diary. They then moved on to conquer the marsh pride after making the pride queen Bibi Bend to their will.

Pic 02 – Notch oust samba
Notch and Blonde’s reign in the Marsh Pride in 2004-2006
The marsh pride thrives under the reign of Notch and Blonde, the pride numbers move to a record 27 lions. Immediately after they take over, Notch and Blonde mate with the lionesses and have a total of eight cubs born in the late 2004, three daughters known as the three graces and five males lions.

Pic 03 - Notch and Blonde

Three Lions challenge Notch and Blonde in late 2006
Notch and Blonde were just approaching their prime age of approximately 6 years when three male lions almost of their same age challenge them. They were known as Clawed, Red and Romeo. Notch and Blonde fight off the intruders and win, chasing off the three lions out of their territory. In the Fight, Blonde is injured. He later dies from his injuries and Notch is left alone to defend the Marsh pride.

Pic 04 – Notch Left alone 

Notch is caught cheating with another lioness by his wives early 2007.
Notch is caught having an affair with Tamu, a solitary lioness that lived in the borders of the marsh pride territory, Notch runs away with Tamu after Bibi rallies the lionesses to chase them. Notch and Tamu find some peaceful place where they mate for several days then he returns to the Marsh pride.

Pic 05 – Notch caught with Tamu

The three lions Challenge again – 2007
The marsh pride at this time is flourishing, Notch and Blonde’s first borns are now adolescent young lions. No sooner had Notch returned from his romantic escapades, he finds him and the pride attacked by Clawed, Red and Romeo. This time he is vastly outnumbered, he tries to rally his sons to help him defend the pride but they are too young, Notch is cornered and fights the Lions and he fatally wounds Red. The fight lasts through the night as Notch holds ground. In the morning, Notch is exhausted, he has tried his best to fight even being outnumbered, he surrenders the marsh pride and escapes with his sons to the Serengeti Game reserve.

Notch and His sons are feared dead. 2007 – 2009
People assume Notch and his boys having not been seen in the mara for two years are dead. Photographers and researchers did not know where he went and all said he probably died as life for a single male without a pride is hard, especially one that is taking care of young adolescents lions. Meanwhile in Serengeti, tourists take photos of what appears to be Notch and his young boys. Unknown to them who the lions are, Notch and his boys appear to be flourishing. It is later said that Notch had taken time off to prepare his army of Lions.

Pic 07 – Notch boys

Notch and His Army, Father and sons in Arms 2010.
Notch re appears in the masai mara for the first time after 2 years. He is first seen crossing the mara river, leading five of his sons who are now have grown as large as him. Notch is seen at the front, following him is his largest son known as Might Long, behind him is Notch’s look alike son known as Notch 2, then his fiercest son Bob aka Grimace, following him was Caesar who had a scary looking stare and lastly Ron, said to be the most handsome of his sons. Together they oozed an imaginable force as they stepped the Masai Mara again. It seems that this was Notch’s plan all along, to make his army and return home. His plan being simple, conquer all. Notch rallies his sons to conquer 10 out of the 22 prides in the Masai Mara.

Pic 08 – Notch crossing the mara river
Notch Stars in a Movie 2011
It is not the first time Notch stars in a movie, in 2004-2006 while in the Marsh pride he stars in BBC’S documentary series - Big Cat Diary. In 2011, Disney shoots a movie, “African cats” in the Masai Mara and Notch stars as Kali. He is shown rallying his sons as he takes over Paradise pride.

Pic 10 – Notch the star in African Cats documentary

Notch has thousands of followers Online and all over the media.
Notch has a page on facebook and twitter with thousands of followers. Him and his son’s conquests are recorded.

Pic 11 – Notch page

Notches Conquered Prides 2010-2013
·         Mugoro Pride-  Mugoro pride is first to be conquered by Notch, with sons fighting alongside him he easily defeats the two resident male lions, killing one in the fight. He fathers 6 cubs, 4 males and 2 females.
·         Rekero Pride -  Fang a star in the African Cats movie by Disney is the male lion defending the Rekero pride aka River pride in the movie. Notch sets to conquer Fang with his son Mighty Long leaving the rest of his sons behind. Notch and Long defeat Fang, who easily surrenders and runs away but Malkia the pride queen refuses to submit and leads the four lionesses of the pride to attack  and chase off Notch. He postpones his quest and returns to the banks of the river and roars, calling his other sons for back up. The four boys show up a day later and are soon greeted by their dad, he then leads them back to conquer Malkia’s pride. This time the lionesses are forced to submit as Notch and his sons impose their power over them. Notch fathers 9 cubs, 5 males and 4 females.
·         Paradise Pride – Notch doesn’t take matters to chance anymore by leaving his sons behind, he rallies all five of them and defeats the three male lions defending Rekero. Notch fathers 11 cubs, 5 males and 6 females.
·         Double Cross Pride – The solitary Lion here runs after seeing Notch and his army approach, the pride is easily taken and the pride lionesses submit. He fathers 5 cubs, 2 males and 3 females.
·         1st and 2nd Olkiombo Pride – The large Olkiombo pride at this time had split into two groups, the first had 3 lionesses and one male and the other were 4 lionesses and two male lions. Notch and his boys easily conquered both prides fathering 15 lions, 10 males and 5 females.
·         Mayafisi Pride – Notch and Long remain behind as his son Bob leads Notch 2, Caesar and Ron to take over the Mayafisi Pride. With the odds slightly favoring his sons, they defeat the three lions after several hours of fighting. Bob’s lip is clipped in the fight and gets his nickname Grimace. Notch fathers 10 cubs, 5 males and 5 females.
·         Hammer kop Main pride – The large Hammer kop pride like the Olkiombo pride had split into two groups but all were under the rule of four male lions. Notch attacked and a fierce fight began lasting for days as the male lions backed up by 3 lionesses refused to accept defeat. Long pulled out of the fight after picking an injury. And just as it seemed that a stalemate was inevitable, Notch cornered one of the males and killed him, seeing their brother killed and the odds tipped against them, the lions run away and Notch took over the Main pride before conquering the second hammerkop pride. Notch had 9 cubs here 4 males and 5 females.
·         Hammer kop Break away Pride – the three break away lionesses were easily made to submit to the rule of Notch. He fathered 7 cubs, 4 males and 3 females.
·         Rongai Pride – Not much is known of how Notch took over Rongai Pride and how he defeated the two resident male Lions. The five resident females lioness submitted to Notch and he fathered 9 cubs, 4 males and 5 females.


Pic 09 - Notch second

Mighty Long goes missing 2012

In late 2012 After Notch and his sons take over Hammer kop prides, Long segregates himself from his father and his brother after picking up an injury during the fight with one of the Hammer kop males. Notch is devastated after numerous unanswered calls to his favorite son . Long doesn’t return and nobody knows what happens to him. Notch moves on and leads his sons to take over Rongai pride.

Pic 12 – Mighty Long goes missing
Notch Boys rebel 2013

Notch is  13 years and well past his prime, and after the loss of his largest and favorite son, Notch is never the same again. He is quiet and rarely roars along with his sons. His sons start challenging him for mating rights and they end up ganging against him and giving him a beat down.

Pic 13 – Notch boys rebel

Notch leaves and never Returns

Notch walks off alone and returns to the hammer kop territory maybe in search for long. Notch also disappears and is never seen again. Rumors have it that he died from old age, maybe an infection as he had mange that weakens a lions immune system or that the three remaining hammer kop boys, Notch defeated, found him alone and killed him as a revenge of their brother who Notch Killed.

Notch main man
          Pic 14 – Notch walks away

The Notch Boys continue to conquer

Although their father  is gone and their brother missing, the Notch boys continue to conquer the Mara, expanding their estate, conquering prides and fathering many cubs. with them Notch’s blood flows all across the Mara and as a result Notch becomes the Lion king of the Mara.

-         Brian Jackman